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Novelty Test Report VI - Gym Crash Pads

We tested a set of conventional gymnasium crash pads, aiming to ascertain their sound absorption coefficients across a range of frequencies, resembling children's voices. Check out our latest novelty test report to gain insights into the actual absorptive capabilities of these pads.

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Novelty Test Report V - Beer Bottles

The 4th of July is coming up and we all know what that means... American flags, country music, fireworks, and long neck bottles! If after a few drinks at the BBQ you notice Luke Bryan's voice getting a little sweeter, it may just be the 200 Hz Helmholtz resonance of all those empty bottles!

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Novelty Test Report IV - Egg Cartons

This weekend is the big Egg Festival, so don't throw away those empty egg cartons! Based on the results of our latest Novelty Test Report, they might be worth more than the eggs that came in them!

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