Our Novelty Testing Program

RAL will be performing a series of self-sponsored tests and publishing the results for wide dissemination across the acoustics community. Send us your suggestions for our next test! We are looking to test commodity materials or systems where data is needed but does not exist due to a lack of a traditional sponsor.

The Rules:

  • Test samples should be made from commodity materials, no specific acoustical product systems
  • The tests would not have a conventional sponsor interest, so they are not likely to happen in the acoustical testing marketplace
  • The results have some utility or interest to the broad acoustics community

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Novelty Test Report IV - Egg Cartons

This weekend is the big Egg Festival, so don't throw away those empty egg cartons! Based on the results of our latest Novelty Test Report, they might be worth more than the eggs that came in them!

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Novelty Test Report III - Phone Booth

When was the last time you made a call from a telephone booth? Was it a private phone call? One that you wouldn't want others outside the booth to hear? Well, we hope not! The next test report in our Novelty Testing series is here, and we're pleased to share the results with you.

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New Year, New Riverbank Acoustical Labs

2022 was the Year of NEW for Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories! New logo, new branding, new website, new Novelty Testing, new education platform, new literature, and more!

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