Top 5 Reasons To Test With Riverbank Acoustical Labs

There are a multitude of reasons why Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (RAL) is the right choice when selecting a lab to test acoustical products, but here are our Top 5 Reasons why RAL is the best option for all your testing needs.


Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories (RAL) maintains current accreditation through NVLAP (National Voluntary Laboratory Accreditation Program) and is regularly audited by NIST representatives to assure conformity to ISO 17025 and to each of our ASTM and ISO test standards. NVLAP is the most rigorous and well-respected accreditation available.


Riverbank maintains an extensive Quality Management System (QMS) in strict conformance to the requirements of ISO 17025. The QMS includes our Quality Manual, Business Policies, General Operating Procedures (management procedures), Standard Operating Procedures (test methods), root cause analysis reports for non-conformities, and other critical records. RAL also maintains scheduled testing of standard reference specimens and keeps current control charts for each of our accredited test standards. These control charts give us confidence in the statistical certainty of our test results across the frequency range and over time.


Our laboratory staff has over 30 years of combined acoustical testing experience. Senior Experimentalist Mark Sciaky has tested with RAL for more than two decades. Eric Wolfram, the Laboratory Manager, has managed RAL for 10 years and has nearly two decades of professional experience in the acoustical testing and noise control engineering industries. Members of our tenured team likewise leverage their vast experience in RAL’s sophisticated testing environments.


Riverbank prides itself on fast, effective, customer-oriented service. Our efficient test process and experienced staff reduce turnaround time and wait periods compared to other laboratories. Test results are emailed to the client on the day of the test. Formal written test reports are delivered within one week of the test date in most cases. Next-day testing is also available for most procedures, with an additional fee.


Riverbank Acoustical Laboratories is internationally recognized as the first acoustical testing facility in the world, designed and founded in 1918 by the father of acoustical science, Wallace Clement Sabine. Today, architects, acousticians, and engineers ask to see the “Riverbank” test reports for proof of an acoustical product’s performance.

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